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NanoProof Solutions

NanoProof Solutions is a Dubai based nano technology solutions service provider. We provide nano protection solutions that suit our client’s needs.


Our Services


Wood NanoProof Coating

Highly effective nano technology that prevents wood from blackening, deformation, etc. It also prolongs the wood surface lifespan under adverse circumstances.

Stone & Marble NanoProof Coating

Is a specialized transparent Nano Coating that provides long lasting protection for concrete, bricks, marble, and stone surfaces.

Fabric & Leather NanoProof Coating

A high quality transparent hydrophobic nano coating that provides protection on all types of fabric and certain leather surfaces for up to 2 years.

Glass NanoProof Coating

Highly effective nano technology that provides hydrophobicity to the glass enabling it to repel liquids. It also reduces the glass surface tension allowing for ease of clean.

NanoProof Solar Films

NanoProof Solar Films is a window film brand providing Automotive and Architectural nano ceramic thermal insulation films with extremely high heat rejection.

About Us

Nano coatings offer a wide range of benefit to different types of surfaces. The benefits of nano coatings include expanding the life of the material, reducing the adverse effects of liquids, mitigating effects of harmful UV rays, and more.

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+97 156 545 7443


13 17 Street Warehouse C4

Ras Al Khor Industrial Area 1



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